Tuesday, 6 August 2013

At 6 am I could stand it no longer the hens were banging the door of the coop, I really am dreading this, Skinny Minnie must be dead they are making such a commotion. I let the dogs out, let the cat out and with great care go and open the coop. Peeping out of the window are two hens, oh get ready for this, so I open the door and they come out, open the lid of the nesting box and .................................. she is aliveeeeeeeeeeeeee and sitting on an egg.....
The relief.
Thankfully the day was uneventful.......... sort off. I decided to clear the garden of brambles and cut back the lower branches of shrubs. Three hens and I worked away diligently as I pulled out weeds they turned over the soil. It was all very therapeutic. Until I was pulling one bramble and all of a sudden I hear a rip in my side and feel it at the same time, the pain was excruciating. I was on my knees clutching my side, three hens were looking at me wondering why I had stopped. I may have torn a muscle, I continued but couldn't bend down, or get up. Time to call it a day
Went and sewed for a few hours 

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