Monday, 7 April 2008

Jenni's quilt

I have a dilema over this should I put the border on or not in my minds eye it looked all so different now I dont think I like it.

The border was meant to curve round and echo the pattern it just looks busy to me and i think if just bind it with a multi colour strip it will look better.

I also have not a clue how to quilt this one.

It was a really easy pattern I cut a black square and the same size coloured square. folded the coloured square into a triangle, basted it to the black. Then turned back the edge and slip stitched, leaving a little 'pocket'
Its a basic churn dash pattern and could be done with any block to give a nice curved effect without all the fiddling when sewing.


Kucki68 said...

Hi, maybe you could turn them all with the colors in (or our) and see how that looks? Otherwise just multicolor binding will certainly work too.

Eileen said...

Beautiful quilt Ingrid, I think the simple multicolores binding would set it off. Eileen

Leni B. said...

i like it without the border great quilt

Katie said...

That's a very cool quilt! I think a narrow strip and a wide strip with two of your bright colors might look nice and not too busy.