Sunday, 30 January 2011

just the binding to do

I love this quilt, a friend and I both decided that we wanted time for us to sew as opposed to sewing for class teaching. We get together every Wednesday evening at my house and we sew to our hearts content.

We find a pattern and look at each other and say shall we and invariably we do, this is one of these quilts it came I believe from a Fons and Porter magazine probably well over a year ago. I was goingt o hand quilt it but is way to big to handle and I really wanted it finished to take with me at our Quilters Guild of Ireland conference/retreat in March.
I left it with Yvonne McKee in Quilters Quest in Belfast, with the only instruction that I didn't want flowers. I am delighted and over the moon. just the binding to do.
I think Poppy is looking for any mistakes!

Monday, 24 January 2011

time flies

it really is time to post again and catch up on things I have been doing, this is a layer quilt pattern finished at the Quilter Guilod of Ireland conference in 2010. It still has to be quilted and as usual I am undecided on how to do it. It requires more thought!!
I really need to reorganise my sewing studio, it became a dumping ground when family were over early in the New Year, it is a case of taking everything out and putting it all back in again.
I bought a couple of 4 drawer storage plastic affairs to hold quilts that need wadded and backed as opposed to totally sewn together. I filled all 8 drawers! now i need a couple more sets to hold stuf f I am working on and then as I still seem to have 5 boxes of scraps I should really buy anoter 2 sets for those.
I am contemplating buying a die cutter, yes I am convinced it will solve everything!! we will see.