Monday, 24 January 2011

time flies

it really is time to post again and catch up on things I have been doing, this is a layer quilt pattern finished at the Quilter Guilod of Ireland conference in 2010. It still has to be quilted and as usual I am undecided on how to do it. It requires more thought!!
I really need to reorganise my sewing studio, it became a dumping ground when family were over early in the New Year, it is a case of taking everything out and putting it all back in again.
I bought a couple of 4 drawer storage plastic affairs to hold quilts that need wadded and backed as opposed to totally sewn together. I filled all 8 drawers! now i need a couple more sets to hold stuf f I am working on and then as I still seem to have 5 boxes of scraps I should really buy anoter 2 sets for those.
I am contemplating buying a die cutter, yes I am convinced it will solve everything!! we will see.

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