Wednesday, 14 November 2012

How to make real quick scrap 4 patches

Thought Id give this a go and see how quick it really is, and it is!
For this I started with  5" squares.
This is done in pairs so join two squares by stitching along two opposite sides. Repeat this for as many patches as you want, it can be done in two colours or real scrappy like my example.

Then take your ruler, measure from the edge of the fabric NOT the stitch line and cut at 2 1/2"

Turn and join ends mixing themup as you join

Flip over one end ontop of the next piece
again using your ruler measure from the fabric ede and cut at 2 1/2 ". Keep the odd piece you will need it for the last piece cut
keep flipping over and cutting (you are flipping over a 2 piece)
Hey presto a pile of four patches in no time .

This can be done any size

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