Tuesday, 6 August 2013

and then there were chickens

gutted traumatised

Collected 3 chickens yesterday from the chicken rescue place in Moira (The Nut House) came home settled them in gave them the run of the garden , they were eating  everything in site, clematis gone at the roots, rhubarb leaves slugs peck peck chuckle chuckle.
I went online as I was told rhubarb leaves are poisonous to hens, so out I went and deleafed all my rhubarb!!!
At 7 o'clock I made some mash potato and sweetcorn one is a little skittish and isn't so friendly keeps her distance but managed to get her and she had a share as well.
My grand daughter named two of them I named one, so please see three hens disappearing into the shrubs when they were first let out, so Skinny Minnie in front, followed by Ruby and Tiffany

Eight oclock I thought I should be thinking of getting them in and I wonder if anyone has laid an egg yet. went out and Tiffany and Ruby come running to meet me, chuckle chuckle  peck at toes. Looked round no Skinny Minnie at 8.30 I thought this is really strange I don't hear skinny Minnie  so hunted the garden, then hunted the garden for feathers not a feather in sight, (as there are feral cats and foxes around), then hunted the garden for a body. No body. OMG what am I to tell Mama Hen the lady I got the hens from. She will think I am totally irresponsible, that something got one of the chooks!!!
So gathered up the remaining two and put them in the coop for the night. They are really easy to handle , no trouble at all .
Went off into the yard and barns below no Skinny Minnie, hunted the trees incase she was roosting no sound no nothing. Every half hour I was out looking for her. Sent the dogs in to see if they could flush her out, nothing.
Went to bed at 2 o'clock worried sick about this poor hen, feeling useless that I couldn't find her I had thought they were totally safe, garden was enclosed, gates are all shut etc. didn't sleep as by now all I am worrying about is keeping the remaining two safe. 
At  6am let the cat out and dogs out, checked the coop it's still there and locked up and nothing is getting out till later.
At 8 o'clock I let Tiffany and Ruby into their coop that has a small run attached and decide they aren't getting any further until I have walked the dogs as so help me whatever took skinny Minnie will be so dead. Mentally preparing myself to find a dead chicken on the walk I headed off.
Walk out the gate and running up towards me is Skinny Minnie. I throw the dogs back in the yard, and this is where the real pantomime starts, as I run down shouting chook chook chook, towards her,  she changes her mind and runs the other way making an almighty din. So done the road I go making a wide berth and manage to get in front of her and she turns and heads back towards the house, always just out of reach, every time I bend down to pick her up , her pace quickens, all the time chattering away. Bother I forgot the dogs are loose in the front so clever me takes my coat of and decide to throw it over her.
Well the coat flutters in the air she squawks like a demon possessed and takes of zig zagging all over the place back the way we had come. Another attempted coat throw and that idea is aborted as by now she is deep in undergrowth consisting of brambles, nettles and whatever else is in there.
Eventually she gets stuck in tree branches and I get her. She is so grounded. But first I have to find out how and where she got out as I thought it was all chicken proof. such relief  and all for a chicken I have only known a few hours.
My life has just changed dramatically

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