Sunday, 30 December 2007

Fun with Disappearing 9 patch

I really enjoy making 9 patches they are so easy to do, and so versatile. there has been much talk about disappearing 9 patches and there seems to be so many versions. So I thought Id give it a go as well. This version works well with 3 1/2 " strips you cant go much smaller, but you can go as large a size as you want. My second version I used 4" strips and oh boy had I fun with those but first the easy versions.

Again so versatile but for the simple version you will need 3 fabrics accent fabric, a background fabric and a dark fabric. To make a half decent size I cut four strips the width of the fabric of my accent fabric (the orange) into 31/2 " strips, I then cut four strips the width of my fabric in my background fabric (the green) into 31/2 " strips and one strip of my dark (the purple) into 31/2 " strip.

These I then stitched with 1/4" seam allowance

accent, background, accent

background, dark, background

accent, background, accent

Press each set and cut into 31/2" strips.

I generally press to the dark side this will give a nice butt join, where the fabric just locks in, and there is less bulk at the seams

As you see the layout for a regular nine patch.

Join the sections.

Now we chop our 9 patch up.

Line your ruler up with the edge of your accent colour and cut horizontally and vertically through the background and dark fabric. Your centre section should measure 3" so half of that is 11/2 so make cut through the centre.

Chopped up. Now the creative bits start

This is the simple version or idea

You will have to add on sashing on one side and on the top. to do this you need to sew a 13/4 " wide dark strip to 3 1/2 " background strip. press towards the dark.

Then cut at 1 3/4 " wide intervals ( depending on how many block you have for example if your blocks are 7 x 8 you will need to cut 15 pieces)

You get the idea here

Have fun tomorrow I will try the layout on the right with only 2 colours. But first i have to finish these.


Andrea said...

Hi Ingrid - nice to meet you. I'm doing Bonnies mystery quilt too. Great fun !!

Sew Prim Khris said...

Love your bright colours in the disappearing nine patch Ingrid. Hugs, Khris in Oz