Sunday, 9 December 2007

Lots of frog stitchin

Heres a photo of my other helper my beautiful poppy, I found her at the cat rescue as a 3 month old kitten.

I bought the frame a Little Grace 11 and the Pfaff grand quilter a year ago and loaded this quilt on it.. I would love to say it was now finished but alas not, Poppy has made it her permanent hammock!!! I think she will be so disgusted if i ever finish it. Im meandering in the white bits just to kill all the white. The fabrics used were 1930 fabrics from a 9 patchw swap with the quilting sisters group. I had enough 9 patches to finish 2 quilts,

I did finish this one and it is now in Australia I was pleased with it but the binding was a pig to do.

The next part of this mystery is a hundred 9 patches, now i can do these in my sleep, dear knows how many i have made over the years!!

MMM but this was different I made around fifty and decided to start to press and trim them, so far so good, then what is this before my eyes, the wrong combinations, some too small, some skew whiff, some so far wrong nothing was gonna fix. So I frog stitched and then restitched.

Dear heavens I don't believe it more frogging, Three days later I have them done! The duds are in the bin


Sew Prim Khris said...

Ohhh my I love your quilt you finished. Very effective like that.I bet the lucky recipient is very happy to own it...I am still working on the 9 patches for the mystery quilt. Hugs, Khris in Oz

Tamera said...

I think your quilt is going to be wonderful with those colors. I LOVE the pale green accent. I never would have thought of it.

Karen (Misiz C) said...

I like your mystery quilt color combo too. It's going to be fun to see how different the quilts are.

The kitty photo makes me smile. My boys think the long arm is their personal jungle gym and hammock when a quilt is loaded. I have to close the door when working on a customer quilt. It's just easier than explaining the fur and saggy spots. Just kidding. ;-D

ForestJane said...

Very nice colors in the mystery blocks... and sorry you had to unstitch! I don't mind 9 patches, but will be glad to start sewing another block, after 180 of them. :)

And love th kitty photo!