Sunday, 3 February 2008

We had snow and a few almost finishes

Woke up yesterday and we had snow all 1 " of it. It is still a novelty we so rarely get it and it never lasts. When the kids were small I would have had them up at 3 am just to play in the snow , cos as sure as shooting it would be mush in the morning.
When i let the cat out she went very carefully every so often lifting a paw and shaking it and then another slow step. The pups? oh I think they went to puppy heaven, it wasnt long before there was bare patches with them running and tumbling.

Four hours later the snow was all gone everywhere.

Decided to finish, well not quite finish but to at least get things to putting on border stage. First one was the Carolina Crossroads mystery of Bonnie Hunters and it just needed joined in middle, pressed and trimmed. I have decided to make more railfences for the border so started those this am.

It will need a separating strip though between the main quilt and border .

The next one to get finished was a mystery done with Pocket full of mysteries. Must admit I like the quilt but if I'd known it was going to be hearts in it I wouldn't have done it. Its too syrupy.

Heaven knows what i will do with it, I toyed with making it into 3 cot quilts and even then the hearts are too syrupy..

Its ready for binding i think i'll just bind it in the cream just to get it finished

Then it was on to the churn dash I do like this, I like the way it is turning out and I like the curving that makes it so different. The basic idea came from a book Annette Ornelas Peeled Back Patchwork. I love this book it is so full of ideas and it sure would change the look of many traditional quilts.

My problem is going to be the sashing I've auditioned a few ideas but not happy with any yet. I still have a lot of blocks to turn back so its not an immediate rush.

I also put the border on my small swirrls quilt , maybe get that quilted this week, its small enough to put under my regular machine.

I have such a pile of tops all small and they all would make good charity quilts if I ever could make the time to finish them.


Debbie said...

I love the churn dash with the curved edges. I'm going to have to look for that book! Thanks for sharing...

Kucki68 said...


what color(s) have you decided to use for your railroads for the Carolina Crossroads? I am still pondering mine, can not make up my mind yet.

I like the hearts, how about a blue binding however? And then have a baby boy quilt?

For the churn dashes, I love the checkerboard look with colored backgrounds and block ones without any sashing, have you considered if that would work?


Clare said...

I love the churn dash. I don't hink it needs sashing. The colours flow and sashing could break that up. I can't believe the weather everyone has been having this winter and not one snow flake here.

Nicole and Phil said...

enjoy the snow...we haven't had any here in Berlin! :(
Love your cross roads quilt! I have seen lots of these, and really love your colours!

Kathy Wagner said...

Love your Carolina Crossroads turned out great!
We have had so much snow here that we are sick of it!

Phyl said...

Thanx for posting the link for the disappearing 9 patch!