Wednesday, 23 January 2008

This is one I did Earlier lol Disappearing 9 patch

OK this is disappearing 9 patch in just two colours it is just as effective in totally scrappy, (look at the other posts for the different ways you can do this. This is so easy to do and is a basic 9 patch but with HST so it reads

First row HST (light and contrast) contrast, contrast (squares)

Second row light, contrast contrast ( all squares]

Third row light, light ( both squares) HST

This quilt is tied and tufted. Is an everyday quilt the dogs and cat bounces on and is on the bed.

I make my quilts to use, why put them in a drawer? Its not like I don't have anymore fabric to make another!

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Kathie said...

very pretty quilt!
just found your blog from the stashbusters list...