Saturday, 8 September 2012

It has been a while

As per the last post seems ages since i was here thought I had better get myself back in gear.

I haven't been idle!
This has come from the book Lil Twister and is so easy to do, I have managed to do a Xmas one as well with place mats, it still needs quilted. Years ago I did a quilt similar to this and had to make a template, you can now buy rulers and it is so easy to do.

I love the colours in this I am not really a red person when it comes to fabric it was a bit of a challenge getting the right reds!

Then  this started off as a sampler quilt, but I wanted to do something different and decided to box the blocks, could also have turned the box round and it could have been an attic window effect. My grandsons got a kitten and then the cats evolved on it. the quilt became a wall hanging.

I didn't buy any fabric for this, its a real nice feeling when you can make something for nothing. But you wouldn't see a dent in the stash/

This is taken from the book simple stained glass quilts by Daphne Craig and Susan Purney Mark. Really simple and effective and has encouraged me to try something more complex, about this time my trusty old pfaff started to protest and sounded like a tractor. I fought with it till I could bear it no more and gave in and bought a new machine a Pfaff creative performance. I am still learning on it and went back to sewing on the old one again but today I am determined to master the new one.
This bag was so easy, the base uses the crinkle fabric. its three layers top wadding and then crinkle fabric, do a meander and then take to the ironing board and hold the iron over the crinkle fabric . Do not let it touch the iron . As you hold the iron over it it crinkles up and gives the puckered effect. really fun to use and a nice effect.

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