Sunday, 9 September 2012

yeah another finish

During a patchwork exhibition I saw a bag something like this over someones shoulder. Needles to say i stopped and asked how she had made it and she said she had bought it.. MMM I could make one of those, so I asked if I could take a few measurements. This is the result from memory hers was smaller and didn't have the piece sewn up at the side. By the time I had it done and couldn't remember if it was quilted etc, it is far removed from the one I saw. Mine was too big and floppy hence bringing the corners up. But I am pleased with it.

I am sure it is well over a year since I bought the upgrade EQ7and probably 2 years since I bought the acquilt go. Both have sat in their boxes , every so often they would moan pleadingly. But I appeased both by buying dies etc every so often. along the way I bought the dog and cat die and found the rather nice dog quilt on the acquilt site. So starting with the blocks in the centre I started to change a few things and started designing my version on eq7. 

I really do struggle with EQ7 and I should sign up for a class I can never seem to save anything, I hit save and it disappears! Now I print and hit save and if nothing else I have a printed version of what I want to do. However, I did this with the dog quilt it was so long ago I now have forgotten what size some of it was meant to be!!

Rooting in boxes a few months ago I also found 90, it could even be more 4 patches and some HST (1 1/2 ) ones, I remember these were meant to be a mystery quilt of Bonnie Hunters many years ago, But I gave up at the time, I now have these to use up, so have designed a quilt again on EQ7 and printed. Did quite a few versions, I found this very useful and was able to decide much quicker what I am going to do. This will take time to do as I have a lot more cutting to do!

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