Sunday, 20 January 2008

Getting there

Finally all the blocks sewn, have run out of space on the design wall to put them all on but this is the overall effect. Oh and I was one teeny weeny 9 patch short by the time I got to the last block, I did look in the dogs bed and everywhere else they carry things off to but no it couldnt be found . Nothing else for it but to make one.
I do like the colours in the quilt, and i do like my quilt. The one thing about a mystery quilt is that sometimes if only you had known you would have chosen differently.
With hindsight I would have made my Ohio star stronger and the 9 patches more muted. I feel its a very busy quilt almost too busy. I think this would have been really nice totally scrappy with no common colour I used blue and green and cream. I'm sure this would look really good in 1930's fabrics.
I have considered sashing it to quieten it down a bit but the size of the small pieces would lean towards a very narrow sashing and I feel it might look odd. To bring in another colour at this stage would make it look too bitty. So the only sashing alternative would be the cream or a pale green.
I haven't deided about the borders yet, at the minute Im toying with a one very narrow border, possibly the green, then a blue border (using different blues all around) and then bound in green. Or maybe blue, then green inbetween then bound in blue. But first it has to be put together.
I wonder how many wrongly placed 9 patch Im going to find !!


Phyllis Williams said...

Its beautiful!


Sølvi said...

Love your colors!

Kucki68 said...

Your quilt looks absolutely great. Such a nice calming effect. I don't think it is too busy.

Kathy said...

The quilt looks beautiful. Sorry you had a piece missing - do you think the dog carried it away? I think the quilt looks intricate and stunning. Not too busy. Kathy at