Sunday, 6 January 2008

Step 5 Bonnies Mystery

Step 5 done, relatively easy to do using the companion ruler, I've never used it before. Now to wait till the next step.
Meanwhile I have started another mystery found on fabricholics can be done in a day but so far life is taking over at times and im doing leader and ender system to get through it, once Bonnies mystery is done I'll concentrate on the second mystery and i have a dug out some cat fabric, which will make my granddaughter a cute quilt and I have a few ideas on that too... you wil just have to wait and see.
Meanwhile my sweet Poppy got chased by a strange dog that came into the garden, she doesn't go far from the garden tending to amuse herself by teasing Bailey and Sapphire. She managed to escape up a tree and I thought it was going to be a rescue service to get her down. She was up the tree for an hour. This ontop of Bailey swallowing a little plastic tube that got stuck in the roof of his mouth, I thought he was choking and was trying various manouvres to release what I thought was an obstruction in his throat. When he finally let me look down his throat , my hand having already been done and could find nothing , i saw the tube and had a terrible time dislodging it as he was distressing more and more. But out it came and he just collapsed in an exhausted stressed state, with me equally exhausted. Will it stop him ? not ever !!

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ML said...

Your quilts are beautiful! I love your color combinations.