Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Yesterday I went home from work at lunch time (11 mile drive home and 11 miles back) to let the dogs out and they were fine, left them back inside the baby gate was closed and anything they could reach was removed ( I have learned) I got to the back door and i thought what on earth all this paper all over the place .. darn they have shredded a magazine where did i leave a magazine. Walked further in and the floor is covered in plastic bags ( small ones for popping poop in) matches? and pot pourri.......... now none of that is in the kitchen lo and behold his lordship had opened the baby gate ( it has to be HIM ) and trashed the downstairs bathroom....... the roll of toilet paper reached all round the bathroom, hall and kitchen, towels were 'played with' and inspection of beds showed they both had been in the cat litter tray. So she wasn't completely innocent in all this.

He can open the gate if the lever isn't down right so I always make sure it is. When they were very young they could work at the round cog at the bottom till it was loose and then flip the gate up. But this time the gate was open and I'm intrigued to know if he has discvered to bite and flip it.

Thank heavens I had my sewing room door closed.

They of course greeted me with waggy tails .......... however they must have exhausted themselves cos they slept all evening. I wish I had cctv to record all the mischief

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NancyE10 said...

This is the reason I don't have dogs!! LOL However, I have cats (2) that think they are dogs.... Wake you up by walking all over you at 3:30am, "hey, we're hungry!"- doesn't matter that we feed them before we go to bed. They also chew up everything....

I enjoy reading your blog and would love to visit your country. My great gram was born in Greenock Scotland and my GGpa was from Wales.

Feel free to check out my blog,