Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Split 9 patch

I had a few split 9 patches to make into lap size charity quilts. The pic on the left is the one we associate most with the split 9 patch. As I was putting them up on the design wall so that when i come to sew I get the pattern right. As fast as I was putting the blocks up the pups were taking them down so Istarted looking at other patterns to get with the same blocks

I quite like the one on the left. The stripes above are a little boring but if it was a full size quilt a nice diamond shape could work well.

The one above I don't like but its another pattern, nor do i particulary like the chevron pattern, maybe if the blocks were smaller it would work.

The last one is nice. These are just a basic 3" block with a HST's, to make the HST cut a square (its supposed to be 7/8" larger than what you want if your splitting a sqaure in two) so for a finished HST you need to cut a 3 7/8 square well i'm not going to lose sleep over fiddling with 1/8" so I cut the squares 1" bigger. I can always trim of the 1/8".


Marian said...

Wow I don't know which I like the best they are all lovely.

Ruthie said...

I think I like the last one, but they are all appealing. How does one get to be a Charter Member?

Rhonda said...

I really like the last one and also the diamond one. Although, they all look nice. Great designs!

Simonetta said...

Wow!!!Very beautiful job!